Veloute de tomates /  Creamy Tomato Soup

Ever since I joined the Blogging Marathon, I keep thinking about trying and posting the amazing recipes from the blogs of my fellow marathoners. But what stops me every time is imagining their face when they see the photos on my blog and go ‘Nahiiiiii’ like a Hindi movie heroine. But this time I […]


Sinigang Salmon Soup

by Wen Ever had an appetizer that enhanced your appetite rather than filled you up? Sinigang is a soup from the Philippines that is savory and tangy through the taste of tamarind. The many vegetables and salmon make it healthy, low calorie and colorful. Try a little at the start of your next meal and […]

Watercress and pea soup with cheese and ham toasties

We all have dislikes. Bob Geldof doesn’t like Mondays, Cain disliked Abel, dogs don’t like cats and I don’t like soup. People get excited by soup. Too excited. It is nothing more than a drink. It is not a meal. I do not find it comforting. I do not consider it delivers a warm wholesome […]

Vårlig neslesuppe

Et sikkert vårtegn er brennesle, til fortvilelse for mange og glede for noen.  Den er sett på som ugress, men har faktisk egenskaper utover det. Som mat! Faktisk er den sunnere en mye annen “supermat”, OG helt gratis. Tre ganger så mye protein som kål, høyere næringsinnhold enn spinat og rik på vitamin C, jern, […]

Minestrone soup

Peel and finely chop the garlic and onion. Trim and roughly chop the carrots, celery and courgette, then add the vegetables to a large bowl. Cut the ends off the leek, quarter it lengthways, wash it under running water, then cut into 1cm slices. Add to the bowl. Scrub and dice the potato. Drain the […]

Czech Goulash Soup (Gulasova)

The very first goulash was prepared by Hungarian shepherds (in Hungarian gulyas) in the 9th century as a nice portable dish which was dried in the sun, stored in bags made of sheep’s stomachs and rehydrated when it was needed. Paprika was added later, at the end of 18th century. Goulash made its way into […]

Beef & Udon Noodle Soup

A little late getting this post up, but I’ve been doing my best to stick to my “make two new recipes every month” resolution. Last month, I made straight-ahead dense chocolate brownies for the first time (and homigad. So good.) and this fragrant, healthy, simply made soup. I got a great piece of blade roast […]