FDA Encouraging Sharp Cut in Salt In Packaged, Restaurant Foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this past week issued “long-awaited proposed guidelines targeting packaged foods and restaurant meals that contain the bulk of American’s daily sodium intake,” a voluntary approach that is part of the Obama administration’s ongoing effort “to push the food industry toward reducing the amount of ingredients such as sugar […]



2016 Restaurant Trends Imagined

What’s trending – or likely to be this year – in the U.S. restaurant industry? Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine, has some thoughts on that. Early last month, she published them. Her predictions include: The Sriracha effect – “Chefs are scouting the world for other assertive flavorings to employ” in […]


Foodchannel.com Announces Its Top Ten Food Trends For 2016

The Food Channel® (foodchannel.com) has released its Top Ten Food Trends for 2016. Based on research conducted in conjunction with CultureWaves® and the International Food Futurists®, the list identifies some of the significant changes expected to hit the food world. “We’re seeing a huge emphasis on clean label, sustainability, functional food, and knowing the story […]


Top Trends to Taste in 2016 by Restaurant.com

To help diners get excited about the 2016 trends predicted across the restaurant industry, Restaurant.com, the nation’s largest dining deals site, is serving up seven trends to taste in 2016. The dining deal pioneer explored 2016 menu ideas and observations from chefs, restaurants and industry insiders across the country, then asked its own team of […]


Exotic Meats Trending Despite Animal Taboos

To most Americans, what passes for adventurous eating is serving duck instead of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. But what about dining on alligator, crickets or kangaroo? Meat-eating Americans will typically stick with chicken, beef or pork both at home and dining out. TV shows such as Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern are more popular than […]


Gourmet fast food

Gourmet fast food may sound like a complete contradiction but gourmet fast food is in high demand as consumers look to eat a variety of burgers, hotdogs and chicken dishes with an eclectic choice of toppings and sides served in unique, contemporary ways. Gourmet fast food venues are popping up across the UK, with emphasis placed on an eat-in casual […]


Trendsytia MRC released its most meaningful foodservice trends for 2015

Trendystia released its most meaningful trends for Q4 of 2015. Among the trends: Take your time with my meal – The craft & artisanal trend shows that consumers want foods that have been prepared with care, artisanship and with the goal of providing an excellent food & drink experience. This trend has further spurred aging, […]