Prawns with Tomatoes (Burmese Style)

I have absolutely no idea about Burmese cuisine or Myanmar cuisine, as it is known today. So this recipe is a borrowed one from Chef Luke Nguyen, a celebrity chef I admire a lot, both for his recipes and his travel cooking shows. I watch a lot of travelogues especially if it revolves around food. […]


Prawn,Corn & Zuchhini Fritters with Beetroot & Kale Coleslaw

I’m trying to eat as much nutrient rich food as possible at the moment, packing in as much veggies as I can into each meal.  In an attempt to reduce my meat consumption, I’m trying to eat mostly vegetarian meals throughout the week, end then have one or two meat/seafood meals over the weekend. […]

Prawns with Champagne Beurre Blanc

«Beurre Blanc», this divine, french, buttery sauce ranks very high on my best-ever-sauce list. I tasted it in Paris for the first time, many years ago and I remember very well wishing for a spoon, to devour even the last drop on the plate. It compliments any fish or shellfish and has definitely a […]

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian fried rice dish, usually made with chicken and fish. This is my version of this tasty dish with a Spanish twist using Spanish hams and salami. To make a Nasi Goreng you need to use cooked and cooled rice, so start by cooking 275g white rice as per the instructions […]