[NYC] French Flair in the Big Apple – Bouley [One Michelin-Starred]

Bouley is an one Michelin-starred restaurant locating in the TriBeCa of New York. I visited when I went with my family back in May. A fine dining lunch has become a family tradition whenever we reunite. As there are quite a lot of michelin-starred restaurants in New York, you might wonder why I chose Bouley?



My fried pork skins

I toss them in Bacon powder made from tapioca Nordstrom Malt vinegar powder Cajun Duck fat powder


Gourmet fast food

Gourmet fast food may sound like a complete contradiction but gourmet fast food is in high demand as consumers look to eat a variety of burgers, hotdogs and chicken dishes with an eclectic choice of toppings and sides served in unique, contemporary ways. Gourmet fast food venues are popping up across the UK, with emphasis placed on an eat-in casual […]