Foil wrapped cheeks…

Ever had Cheeks? Halibut cheeks. Get your minds out of the gutter. Geez.  Anyway, I found them at fish market. And, they aren’t always available. Oh boy but, when they are. Yes, yes and yes.  Seattle weather has been hot. Like 90s hot. And, the last thing I wanted to do was turn onthe oven. […]


Honey Asparagus

Here in Canada we are celebrating the May long weekend and this for most people also marks the beginning of summer. One thing I look forward to the most about summer is the opening of farmers markets and farm stands. Stands just opened this week with fresh local asparagus so I though I would share […]

Inside-out: how to build a better burger

I am not your typical carnivore. Since my meat cravings are few and far between, I often eschew it completely in favor of fresh, delicate fish and gorgeous, seasonal vegetables. Having said that, there is no way that I could ever convert to vegetarian way of life. Nothing is off limits, and I know that […]

Karl’s Mac & Cheese with Bacon and Leek

Eilene is having some friends over. I decided to make their favorite Mac & Cheese. When she and her friends make this for themselves they, of course, use the “orange stuff in a box.” This is just starch, fat, and chemicals, not a meal.

Real Food Origins: New Orleans-Creole Seasoning Blend

I mentioned this Creole spice blend in my last post. I used up the initial batch, and needed to make more, so I thought I’d post a good old-fashioned recipe for it. This is the cast of characters. It really is an ensemble piece, without any one of them outshining the other, but all of […]

Non Mushy Polenta with Duck Ragu

My husband is a big polenta fan, which I have never quite understood. It is historically a peasant food, eaten in northern Italy and is often referred to as mush, which is apt. Depending on the kind, it can take half an hour to cook and stirring the whole time. Tedious does not begin to […]