Recipe: Applecrumble breakfast

Some things are too delicious not to share. Like this applecrumble. It makes a true treat for breakfast but also an amazing dessert and is totally Paleo friendly and just as tasty as the lot less healthy applecrumble, I promise! What do you need? (1 person breakfast) 2 Small sweet apples Cinnamon to your taste […]


Apple & Almond Cake

Chef Marie made this amazing Apple & Almond Cake.  Dry Ingredients 1 cup lsa (linseed, sunflower and almond mix) 1 Cup almond flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon sea salt 1/4 cup coconut sugar or sweetener of choice  1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon nutmeg Wet ingredients ½ cup good olive oil 1 egg Prepare […]

Basic French Crepes for Chic Breakfasts

Most weekday mornings are a harried affair of gulping down a glass of milk or yoghurt or pouring it over some store bought Muesli. On the rare occasions that the husband has been kind enough to chop up some fruit, I toss that in as well. I thought I genuinely didn’t know how my zen […]

Strawberry Crepes

In honor of National Strawberry Day (and since I always have strawberries in my refrigerator) I thought I would make something that involved strawberries. Breakfast foods are my favorite so crepes were a no-brainer. This recipe is quick, delicious and so easy. Ingredients Crepes: 1 cup original Bisquick mix (from scratch recipe listed below) 1 […]

Cyber-Kitchen: Poached Egg

Hi friends, strangers and cyberspacers! I’m back with a quick and healthy menu for breakfast. Trust me, it will fill you up until lunch! Simple ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 thin slices of bread of your choice, and an avocado. And a magic ingredient- Sake. Well, you can use general vinegar as a non-alcohol choice, but […]

French Toast Roll-Ups

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone had great week and relaxing long family day weekend (if you live in Canada and had a day off on Family day. And if you didn’t I hope it was great otherwise!!) Just the other day, I tried out a recipe that was SUPER yummy that I really wanted […]