Foodfhonebook has become the leading Food Service Supply Chain Marketing website.

Our mission at foodfhonebook “Everything we do has to benefit our restaurant owners and chefs“.

In todays food service environment information needs to move quickly. Todays restaurant owners and chefs need to know what are the new products, industry trends and regulatory changes. Our parent website “www.foodfhonebook.com” does all of this and more. Food service professionals can find career opportunities, new food distributors, new products and so much more. We have also found food manufacturers large and small creating new relationships with food service distributor buyers. We supply an environment for small food service manufacturers to flourish. Small manufacturers do not have large marketing budgets or the stage to present their product’s. Foodfhonebook delivers your company information directly to the restaurant owners and chefs. We never charge to market your product on our website, blog and social network.

We find most chefs don’t learn of new products or trends till a local or national food show. Most chefs don’t have the time to research new food service distributors. Foodfhonebook has a directory of over 10,000 food service distributors broken down by state. Food service distributors can utilize foodfhonebook to promote what they do best. We have found food distributors large and small posting their weekly special sheets and new customer coupons. Utilize our social network along with our internet presence to help market the value they deliver to restaurant right in your neighborhood.

Foodfhonebook has started its new blog. This blog is another tool to help educate restaurant owners and chefs on the resources available to them today. So, come join our community and get involved.
If you are a food manufactures, food distributor or service provider share your information to chefs across the country.



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  1. Burgers with 1/2 the fat, the healthy alternative.
    Helps reduce childhood obesity at school lunch. 50% whole muscle beef is ground blended with grains & mushrooms.
    Fusion Burger
    Blue Cheese
    Bacon Cheddar
    2.5 oz.-3.75 oz. & 5 oz.
    cost no more than a traditional burger
    Looking for chain accounts
    Bob Burg, Regional Sales Manager
    978 771 2242/cell

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  2. Thank you for following my blog!


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