Weekly Seafood Report 12-16-16

Here are some Wild Locally Caught Species we have been getting: Swordfish, Mako Shark, Albacore Tuna, John Dory, Striped Bass, Fluke/Flounder, Bluefish, Monkfish, Black Sea Bass, Hake, Squid, Skate, Boston & Spanish Mackerel, Clams, etc…  2) We are also sourcing the globe for these jewels that Mother Nature has to offer: Bronzino, Corvina & Dorade from Greece, Halibut from Canada, Dover Sole from Spain, Cod from Norway, Yellow Fin Tuna from Costa Rica &Trinidad, Farmed King Salmon from New Zealand, Barramundi from Bali, Salmon from Canada, Chile, Norway & Scotland. 

3) The Sea Scallop market remains virtually unchanged. I expect prices to continue to increase as the weather worsens, harvesters run low on their Days at Sea (new season starts up again in March 2017) & holiday demand increases. 

4) The quality, availability & pricing on our Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna has been outstanding!!! Even if Tuna isn’t on your menu is it definitely worth featuring it as a Blackboard Special. 

5) Live Crabs? Yes we still have them, we have been getting Live # 1 & # 2s from South Carolina. Please call for availability & pricing.

6) 2017 Restaurant Industry Top 10 Trends-Seafood appears in many concepts; from Locally Sourced, Natural Ingredients, Sustainable & Healthier Meal Choices. 

7) Salmon prices are up across the board due to limited supplies & increased global demand for the holidays. I talked to some producers in Scotland & they are expecting supplies to remain extremely tight with very little product to be available until March or April. Norway will look to increase their volumes but still aren’t keeping up with global demand. Norwegian YTD seafood exports are up $2,245,614,080; this is in large part because of higher salmon prices. Overall higher Salmon prices are predicted for the 1st quarter of 2017. Many fear this will cause many farmers & processors to close or merge. Our cutters hand cut over 1,000 lbs of Whole Canadian, Norwegian & Scottish Salmon everyday. 

8) “Seacuterie” boards are growing in popularity, looking for some items to put on your board? Here are a few you can feature Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Octopus, Shrimp, etc… 

9) We handle roughly 50 different Live Oysters daily from the East & West Coast. Oysters are a great impulse item, they also increase check average, image & profitability for a restaurant. Mississippi is looking to increase their market share of Oysters. The University of Southern Miss is purchasing a hatchery for close to $11 million.

10) Availability of Groundfish from the North down to the Mid-Atlantic remains good. Starting in 2017, European fishermen will be able to land more Cod, Hake, Plaice & Mackerel due to increased quotas. Meanwhile Alaskan officials are expected to lower Pollock quotas for the upcoming season. 

11) Icelandic fishermen have decided to strike again, the 2nd time in less than a month. The strike could backfire as buyers will try & source product from surrounding nations. 

12) We have been bringing in Fresh Sushi Grade Flukes from New Jersey, Carolina & Virginia on a daily basis. Wild Striped Bass (not legal for sales in NJ) are being landed consistently in Maryland. 

13) Halibut availability is very limited due to the West Coast season being closed. Many Canadian Long-liners are switching over & taking advantage of the seasonal demand for Lobsters. As a great substitute we have a IQF, 6 oz, Boneless, Skinless portion that is priced right. 
Tim Sloan

V.P. Sales & Marketing

E.Frank Hopkins Co.,Inc.

215-588-8017 Cell



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