Weekly Seafood Report 4/2/16

Weekly Seafood Report 4/2/16

1) Here is a list of Locally Sourced Species: Swordfish, Mako Shark, Albacore Tuna, Sea Scallops, Striped Bass, Shad, Fluke/Flounder, Monkfish, Black Bass, Bluefish, Mackerel, Porgies, Skate, Squid, Live Clams & Oysters. Please remember these are wild caught so availability depends on weather & quotas.
2) Supplies of our Bay Colony Crabmeat from Indonesia is good, prices are very attractive & lower then last year.
3) As of yesterday AM, 115,000 lbs of Alaskan Halibuts were landed by 12 vessels, another 5 vessels have landed 67,000 lbs. Quality, availability are excellent, surprisingly prices are good especially for the start of the season.
4) We have been receiving Sushi Grade Flukes everyday. New Jersey & Massachusetts are working under a 1,000 lb a week quota. Rhode Island has a 3,000 lb every 2 week quota & Virginia opens April 8th, with a 5,000 lb every 60 day quota.
5) Snow Crab-it seems like everyone is waiting for the new Canadian season which is getting underway April 15th. Initial asking prices seem to be high, once inventories start building, hopefully prices will come down. Inventories are low everywhere, especially on 8/up’s. Japanese buyers are again going to play a major part in what prices the market settles at, depending on quantities ordered.
6) Dungeness Crab catches in British Columbia are down, this is affecting shipments of live product to China.
7) Mexico has reopened for Grouper harvesting, this should increase availability while decreasing asking prices. We also have inventory of IQF 6/8 & 8/10 oz fillets.
8) The Newfoundland Cod fishery received Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. Landings of Groundfish in the NE Atlantic are keeping up with current post Lent demand.
9) Sea Scallops-US fishing is underway, landings have been light. Hopefully pricing will easy some over the next couple of months, I expect them to be at their lowest point early summer before they head back up.
10) Shrimp landings in the Gulf of Mexico for February 2016 were up roughly 35% higher than the last 15 year average. 3.7 million pounds were landed in February & 3.2 million in January. Availability & prices remain good in all sizes. Overall shrimp prices are good for both wild & farmed product.
11) We are just starting to see Live Jumbo & Whale Soft-shells, we also offer Fresh Dressed for your customer’s convenience. Prices are reasonable especially considering it’s the start of the season.
12) Landings of Fresh Mahi Mahi are barely keeping up with current demand. The El Nino weather pattern is causing low catch numbers, leading to higher prices for both fresh & frozen fish.

Tim Sloan
V.P. Sales & Marketing
E.Frank Hopkins Co.,Inc.
215-468-9189 Fax
215-588-8017 Cell

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