Another Munchy Inducing Post

The Paranormal Housewife

Over the past week or so Jeremy and I have been stepping up our cooking at home for meal time. We have been trying to break out of our routine. I’m pretty proud with how we stepped it up. Well, I should say Jeremy. He has done most of the cooking because he wanted to learn new techniques. I’m probably going to gain 100 pounds when he starts culinary school… His food is just too good.

One night we finally used the pot Jeremy gave me for Christmas. It is used for cooking Shabu Shabu over an open flame on a camp stove. We bought all of the ingredients including the broths at MaxValu. Shabu Shabu is wear you cook raw meats, veggies, noodles, and dumplings in flavored broths. It is a meal meant to take a while since you are cooking a small part at a time. It is a…

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