Garlic & Ginger Paste 

Sabras Foodies

4-6 Garlic cloves

4-6 Ginger

1/3 cup Olive oil

1/2 cup of water

For this recipe i really don’t have an amount of how much garlic cloves i use and the amount of ginger but i like it being 50/50.

Peal your garlic cloves, and ginger making sure the ginger is sliced into medium chuncks so they blend well.

Add your garlic and ginger into a blender, with the olive oil and water. Wiz away and you have your paste.

I stored mine in an empty clean jam jar and store it in the fridge for day to day use. I use this paste in my meats, chicken, fish and other types of seafoods. Tastes amazing and cant live without ☺️.

Enjoy X

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One thought on “Garlic & Ginger Paste 

  1. Excellent idea!!! I have some great oil too that will be spectacular! Thanks for sharing such a good tip!

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