7 things to eat and drink in Chiang Mai

Whet Your Wanderlust

Some people go to Chiang Mai for culture, others go for trekking, but of course I went there with one goal in mind. To eat.

When you find yourself hungry in Chiang Mai, way up northern Thailand, here are some suggestions to keep you satiated:

1. Street food

Street food with man in tiger shirt cooking pad thai in Chiang Mai

Most of the street food you get in northern Thailand serves popular Thai food, which, of course, is all worth eating. You find vendors selling pad thai, khao kha moo (melt-in-your-mouth stewed pork leg on rice), mango sticky rice, barbecued chicken, rotis, papaya salad, sticky barbecued pork skewers, noodle soup… The list goes on and on. The price range for street stall food is around THB 30-50 per plate. Within the walled city, one of my most frequented places for street food is around Chiang Mai Gate. On Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll find extensive and busy night markets in and around the old city, though we…

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