Weekly Seafood Report

sushi grade fluke
 Weekly Seafood Report
1) Everyone here at E. Frank Hopkins Seafood wishes you & your family the best of the holidays, may they be spent with a lot of love & laughter! Hopkins will be closed Christmas Day Friday Dec 25th & New Year’s Day Jan 1st, other then those 2 days it is business as usual.
2) According to a study done by Columbia University, following a Mediterranean diet, that is rich in fish can add 5 years to a person’s life. The study involved over 650 participants with an average age of 80, it also revealed the brain volume of those participants were better than those who didn’t follow the diet.
3) Prices of Fresh Salmon remain an Excellent Center of the Plate item for food service operators. However prices have increased this week as farmers have been producing a lot of fish for the “spot” market. This fish is produced outside of their normal program (pre-ordered) business that they hope to sell above & beyond for a higher margin. The overall return has been less the their break even point for the majority of 2015. Farmers have limited production in the hopes of commanding higher prices especially during the holidays when demand is the greatest. Also don’t forget a great deal of Norway & Scotland’s production goes for smoking. Overall, global salmon farmers will try to limit production to command higher prices in 2016.
4) A recent report by Bloomberg found that consumers are spending about 80% of their fuel savings on goods & services. Remember many US workers & children are off the week between Christmas & New Year’s & nearly half of holiday shoppers will head to stores the week after Christmas, making for a busy week for restaurants.
5) New England Fishery Management Council has agreed to increase the Days at Sea quota for Sea Scallops for 2016/17, total catch numbers are expected to be around 47 million pounds. The new DAS will go into effect March 2016.
6) The Total Allowable Catch for Pollock harvested in the Gulf of Alaska has been increased to 258,000 MT, an increase of 29% compared to 2015. Meanwhile US Groundfishermen are upset at a proposed government rule that would make them financially responsible for the cost of at sea observers.
7) Our Bay Colony crabmeat container from Indonesia has cleared & is in stock, everything from Colossal down to Claw.
8) Availability of Fresh Red Snappers have been tight because of poor weather in the Gulf, asking prices have increased while availability has decreased.
9) Bronzinos continue to be priced favorably because of the strong value of the US Dollar compared to the Euro. We have the fish flown in from Greece, then hand cut them at our certified HACCP facility daily.
10) Carolina, Maryland & Virginia are keeping us supplied with Sushi Grade Fluke while New Jersey is closed. Quality is excellent, prices remain high, if you are looking for a less expensive substitute then try our 4/6 oz North Atlantic refresh Flounder fillet.
11) Thanks to the world’s growing population, aquaculture raised seafood will be more relied upon to be a major source of protein.
12) The Florida Stone Crab season continues to be strong, prices are very reasonable. I talked to a harvester today who said his workers have been working everyday pulling crab pots.
Tim Sloan
V.P. Sales & Marketing
E.Frank Hopkins Co.,Inc.

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