Merry Crispness! Musso’s Cheese Crisps Inspire Holiday Foods

It’s the Holiday Season when hearts, minds and stomachs turn to one thing – the food we can’t wait to eat. One holiday favorite is cheese and restaurant operators should consider all the ways to incorporate it into recipes through Musso’s Cheese Crisps.

We have seen dozens of ways to use cheese crisps to add flavor to appetizers, side dishes and entrees. For example, imagine baked cheese crisps with jalapenos and cheese, or a kale salad with almonds and apples topped with Asiago cheese crisps.

We also love the idea of topping the perfect comfort food – Macaroni and Cheese – with crumbled cheese crisps because you can never have enough cheese.

Sugar Foods created Musso’s Cheese Crisps to help satisfy your customers’ interminable craving for cheese. As a restaurant operator, you will appreciate how cheese crisps satisfy customer desire for more crunch and texture on their dishes. Cheese crisps are a unique product that drives up check average and stimulates repeat business.

Here’s one of our favorite new recipes, which includes Musso’s Cheese Crisps and would be a great addition to any holiday menu:

1-cup Musso’s Asiago Cheese Crisps
1-cup flour, divided use
2 Vidalia onions, sliced into ½ inch rings
1-tablespoon kosher salt
2 eggs, beaten
½-cup whole milk
¼ cup parsley, chopped
1-quart canola oil

Pulse cheese crisps in a food processor and combine ½-cup flour, set aside.
Combine remaining ½-cup flour with kosher salt and toss with onion rings.

Combine egg and milk and dip onion rings into mixture. Dredge in flour and fry in oil heated to 350 degrees until golden brown.

About Us
Sugar Foods is a multi-national food products company serving all segments of the food industry. Founded in 1948, Sugar Foods started as a local bulk sugar distributor in the New York metro area. Today, Sugar Foods product portfolio continues to expand and boasts mainstream commodity items and popular consumer brands, such as Fresh Gourmet® and Blue Diamond® Almonds. For the foodservice market, the company offers a wide range of products to include its branded NJoy® line of sweeteners and non-dairy creamers. Sugar Foods works with restaurant chains, hotels and institutional foodservice operators to offer private label and contract packaging services. As a healthy milk alternative, Sugar Foods distributes in foodservice America’s no. 1 selling almond milk: Almond Breeze®.

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