Compostable Packaging Can Make a Difference in Your Brand

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Corporate America and all businesses are always looking for an edge to increase sales. Package and label design are critical to build brand and help products stand out on crowded retail shelves.
What is often ignored as a marketing tool is the product label. With the healthy food movement permeating all segments of the U.S. market, it is reported that almost 70 percent of consumers check out the nutrition information on at least one product while shopping. It’s obvious that consumers want to make more informed decisions about what they’re about to eat.
The problem is there’s nothing easy about deciphering the ingredients on the product labels; surveys show that about half of all Americans say they’re confusing and should be simplified. In addition, about one-third feels that the information is believable and accurate. Beyond the call for greater transparency on the nutritional values, another recent survey by Asia Pulp & Paper indicated consumers want more sustainable information on packaging.
Specifically, 57 percent want to know if the packaging is made from recycled material, and 43 percent want to know if it’s made from renewable or compostable material.
This is a great marketing opportunity for companies: Switch to recyclable and compostable packaging and tell the world about it. There may be a slightly higher cost, but with proper promotion, the goodwill generated by the more sustainable packaging should result in higher sales. Just consider that reports show that a majority of Americans and almost two-thirds of the influential Millennial market will recommend products that have sustainable packaging.
Many companies watch the trends, don’t react, and are often left behind. This is an opportunity for food manufacturers to get ahead of the curve and make a bold statement about their concerns for the environment as well as their customers. Using compostable and recyclable materials in packaging can make a difference for your company and help you to build a brand and increase sales.

About Us
Formed in 2005, the Bridge-Gate Alliance group offers a premium line of disposable dinnerware made from natural fibers. Our goal is to produce high-end compostable products as an alternative to flimsy compostable items, polystyrene foam, paper and plastic.
Bridge-Gate has a nationwide distribution system that makes our products available throughout North America. Bridge-Gate’s customers include foodservice operators, distributors, cash and carry warehouses and retail grocers.
With the growing importance of sustainable resources to the food industry, Bridge-Gate is committed to providing products that uphold the highest standards of quality and reflect our dedication to the environment.


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