Weekly Seafood Report

Weekly Seafood Report

The favorable weather we have been experiencing along the Atlantic has been great for fishermen up & down the Eastern Seaboard. This very pleasant pattern has lead to a variety of high quality species pass through our dock recently.
2) Winter is right around the corner, remember as water temperatures decrease the meat to shell ratio in Clams, Mussels & Oysters increases. The shellfish will have a meatier, fuller shell.
3) All farmed (from Canada, Chile, Norway & Scotland) Salmon remains a outstanding Food Service value. Steady supplies & moderate global activity are keeping prices extremely low, so low that farmers are claiming they are currently losing money. Look for prices to increase for the holidays.
The 2015 fresh wild salmon season is over & was a huge success. The next fresh wild season will start in the Spring of 2016.
4) We have been hearing a lot of success stories from Chefs who have been featuring our fresh Cobia loin as a Blackboard Special. If you haven’t featured it see what you have been missing.
5) Look for fresh Sea Scallop prices to start to creep up in the next few weeks as boat captains are running low on their Days at Sea allotment. The new season doesn’t get underway until March 2016. Hopefully the rumors of the DAS quotas being increased for the 2015/16 season are true.
6) Fresh Swordfish & Yellow fin Tuna supplies will tighten in the next few weeks, quality should remain outstanding.
7) Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claw prices have come down since the opening 2 weeks ago. Please remember when ordering there is a 2 day lead time.
8) The fresh West Coast Halibut season is winding down. We are getting farmed, whole fish out of Norway. The quality is excellent but prices are higher due to a poor yield when filleting.
9) Prices of Live Lobsters have come down some due to low demand. Prices of cooked meat remains at an all time high. Depending on how the winter goes up north don’t look for prices to come down until the spring at the earliest.
10) Fluke availability should be excellent for the next 2 weeks due to New Jersey being reopened. Fishermen in Virginia only have a few trips left on their quotas.
11) Supplies & quality of our pasteurized Crabmeat from Indonesia (Bay Colony) & Vietnam (VIP) are excellent.
12) Prices of Bronzinos are down slightly because of the strong value of the US $.


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