Saffron Mawa Modak stuffed with Pistachios


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Saffron Mawa Modak stuffed with Pistachios

Khoya Modak 1

‘Saffron Mawa Modak stuffed with Pistachios’ is a simple yet easy Ganesh Chaturthi Recipe. For those who don’t know, Ganesh Chaturthi is the Hindu Festival celebrated in honour of the lord Ganesha, and it usually lasts for 10 days. And Modak, is a favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha, and it completes the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Khoya Modak 3

There are many variations of making Modaks, and one of the popular one is a sweet dumpling made of rice flour with coconut and jaggery filling. This saffron Modak is my favorite and this little touch of a pistachio filling makes it even more special.

Khoya Modak 6

Khoya or Mawa is basically dried milk used for making most indian sweet dishes. I have used a store-bought Mawa for this recipe, where as you can also make it at home from scratch if desired. Some people have experimented and used ricotta cheese/paneer instead of Mawa/Khoya…

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