Passion Fruit & Ginger Cheesecake

Omg I found heaven in a cake

Homemade With Mess

As much as I love puddings (who doesn’t), it is a rare occasion when I make one. The sole reason for that is that if I make one, I have to eat it; and when there are only two of you in your household that doesn’t fair well for your waste-line!

As I’m sure most of you were pleased to see, we had glorious sunshine this weekend, and therefore our barbecue was on overdrive and we took total advantage of having a wee garden. We were meant to have friends over for a barbecue on Sunday, and with friends come the excuse to make a delicious desert. Unfortunately they bailed, and so Sam and I were tasked with devouring an entire cheesecake. Shamelessly, we failed, and therefore will be living off the stuff for the remaining week. I’m not grumbling though, as who wouldn’t enjoy a diet of cheesecake; and…

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