Bourbon Maple Barbeque Sauce

Out of this world

Foodies Gone Real

In my venture to eat wholesome, nutritious foods that help support my body versus hinder it, it’s hard stuff when it comes to condiments.

Bourbon Maple BBQ Sauce - Foodies Gone Real

Rewind 3+ years ago: I had one-million-gazillion barbecue sauces filling the door of my fridge.  So many sauces to marinade and barbecue meats! You feeling like a certain flavor? I probably had it. I had no problems making my own sauces, too (I’ve always loved to cook, even before cleaning up our diets!)… but we had a thing for a good barbecue sauce in this house.

This is my attempt to recreate an “old” favorite that had bourbon whiskey as the base.  And if you think that doesn’t matter, you are SO wrong! I don’t often recommend this (because of the severe temptation to buy it all up!), but go looking through the conventional barbecue sauces in the grocery store.  There are SO many flavors and…

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