Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Soup

Great soup recipe
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My Pinch Of Yum

Cajun chucken pasta soup 2

I love soup and do make them very often during winters. Lately, I have a too much of liking for Cajun Spiced Chicken. You might have known by now that I very often keep changing my meal plans at the last-minute, making it very challenging at times. haha 😉 So the meal plan was to make Cajun spiced grilled Chicken along with Pasta in Alfredo Sauce. And considering the weather, I ended up with a Soup – a ‘Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Soup’.

Cajun chucken pasta soup 1

Okay, if you notice the pics, i have used the pasta alphabets to note the name of the soup. And the word Pasta is missing in there. Well, it was not done intentionally, but because my little boy just grabbed and ate some of the letters. And i couldn’t do much but just skip the word ‘pasta’ for the click.. haha 😉 Btw, my lil boy had a good time searching for alphabets. Well…

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