Pappardelle avec Petit Pois

Love this

Cooking in Sens


Inspiration for the pasta with peas came from Saveurs magazine.  The recipe was a little crazy because the title was Pappardelle with peas and mint but there wasn’t any mint in the recipe however there was basil.  Peu import, as they say since I’m not a recipe Nazi and had already decided to change the method and ingredients 😉  The original recipe is in the July-August French Saveurs magazine.


You see, I had this goodly amount of fairly expensive Bayonne ham leftover from sandwich making and the odd sundowner aperitif snack that begged to be paired with the fresh peas and volunteer onions that I decided to add, only because I was out of shallots.  There was no shallots in the recipe either but, again, peu import.  The method for this simple recipe was so convoluted that it smacked of Jamie when he’s playing super chef and employing too many steps and…

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