Down to Earth Sunfresh Warm Salad

Great idea

Foodies Cucina

Do you ever have a feeling that salads got to be cold and prepared in the kitchen? Well, I always thought so and of course, when prepared in your own kitchen, you know that you are using fresh and juicy ingredients as many as possible, but how about the scenario becomes that you will need to take salad to work on the following day? Do you really bring with you all the ingredients and prepare in the kitchen? I can’t say no for all but at least I haven’t seen anyone doing such.

Now, here is another alternative. A local South Australian business operating from 1990, Sunfresh Salad, has created a winter warmer – warm salad pots. Over the last 20 years, the business has focused on using freshest possible local produce to create imaginative salad with good flavours. The warm salad pots is something new this year just…

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