June 5 is National Ketchup Day

Happy Ketchup Day
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Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Ketchup day

Today’s Ketchup/ Catsup Food Trivia

  1.  Ketchup (often spelled catsup in American English) is the dominant term in American English and Canadian English, with “catsup” being the prominent term in some southern US states.
  2. The spelling catsup first appeared in 1730 in a Jonathan Swift short story.
  3. The Webster’s Dictionary of 1913 defined ‘catchup’ as: “table sauce made from mushrooms, tomatoes, walnuts, etc
  4. Ketchup likely entered the English language from the Malay or Chinese word kicap (pron. “kichap”) meaning “fish sauce
  5. Some ketchup in the U.S. is labeled “Fancy”. This is a USDA grade, related to thickness. Fancy ketchup has a higher tomato solid concentration than other USDA grades.

An original early recipe for “Tomata Catsup” from 1817

  1. Gather a gallon of fine, red, and full ripe tomatas; mash them with one pound of salt.
  2. Let them rest for three days, press off the juice, and to each quart add a quarter of a pound…

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