Beyond Sushi – Dinner in Midtown


Girl Eats Greens

There are a few items that are always a go-to for me as a vegan. Sushi is one of them. No matter the restaurant, they always at least have edamame. Most will also have a veggie roll of some sort or at least (sometimes begrudgingly) make up an avocado roll for me. I’ve always been quite content with the offerings at standard fish-focused sushi joints. After all, it’s sushi. I know what I’m getting in to. So when a good meat-eating friend of mine said she had been to a vegan sushi place that she loved, I was shocked. First, I was shocked that she has another vegan friend who she’s clearly been hiding from me. And second, that there was vegan sushi out there good enough that her meat-eating taste buds really really wanted to go again.

Beyond Sushi New York City NYC Vegan Girl Eats Greens_0016

Let me introduce you to Beyond Sushi. The meat-eaters vegan sushi. They…

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