Weekly Seafood Report- From our Dock to your Dish

 Tim Sloan V.P. Sales & Marketing E.Frank Hopkins Co.,Inc. 215-468-9190 215-468-9189 Fax 215-588-8017 Cell Tsloan@hopkinsseafood.com

Tim Sloan
V.P. Sales & Marketing
E.Frank Hopkins Co.,Inc.
215-468-9189 Fax
215-588-8017 Cell

1) Did your restaurant have a successful March? According to the Commerce Department, for the 1st time ever US consumers spent more money at restaurants than grocery stores.
2) During the Spring & Summer months, customers seek out fresh, lighter, healthier choices; you can start the appetizer or entrée with a nice piece of fish or some shellfish. Here is a nice, light, quick recipe: toss cooked shrimp with some corn, red, yellow & green peppers, fresh spices in a light vinaigrette then place on top of a salad or wrap in a whole wheat tortilla.
3) Salmon-the quality & consistency of our Fresh farmed Atlantic & Norwegian Salmon remains excellent & pricing is OUTSTANDING!!! Norway enjoyed a 3% increase in total seafood exports for the 1st quarter of 2015 compared to 2014. The record setting $2.1 billion was due in large part to a very strong Cod & Salmon market. Meanwhile the US remained Scotland’s largest salmon customer for the 5th consecutive year. On the Wild Side-last week all the major Alaskan salmon processors announced that they would be rejoining the Marine Stewardship Council certification program. The 2015 Quota is strong again this year! The SE Alaska troll king season is open, the spring fishery will increase in production as the season approaches the summer months, the summer season opens July 1st.
4) Shellfish Update: Live Mussel availability is still limited due to inclement weather, icy conditions & snowfall, along the Northern US Coast & Canada. Mussel harvesters are also dealing with melting ice drifts which hamper their efforts. Please be understanding as we our trying to accommodate everyone. The extreme cold weather is also negatively affecting the availability of live lobsters, causing higher asking prices. There are upcoming openings in Newfoundland & Quebec, hopefully this will improve availability & pricing.
2014 was an excellent year for Virginia harvesters of both Hard-shell Clams & Oysters. Each set a state record with 243 million clams & 40 million oysters being harvested last year.
The Canadian government has set aside $530,000 for new technologies to improve shellfish farming in British Columbia.
5) Halibuts are arriving daily to our dock from the crystal clear waters of Alaska. These fish have a great flavor profile & are semi-firm yet fork tender when cooked. Halibut is good for the environment & your heart as it’s sustainable & high in heart-healthy Omega-3.
6) Locally Harvested-Swordfish, Albacore Tuna, Mako Shark, Sea Scallops, Fluke/Flounder, Monkfish, Porgies, Whiting, Squid, Skate, Croakers, Clams & Oysters. Bluefish & Wild Striped Bass remain very sporadic.
7) We are just beginning to get offers for Live Soft-Shells from South Carolina, as is the case with the beginning of any season sizing is small & asking prices are high.
8) Shrimp-current supplies are keeping up with demand on Wild & Farmed & Shell-on or further processed product.
We have Wild, Shell-on Browns, Pinks & Whites from Ecuador, Mexico & the US in stock at Hopkins as well as plenty of RP&D Tail-on product.
9) Gulf Fish-many buyers are resisting paying the high asking prices for Mahi Mahi. Beautiful American Red Snappers are arriving daily, Mexican Grouper prices are down on increased availability.
10) Sea Scallops-the new quota season has offered little pricing relief.
11) Ground Fish-supplies are keeping up with decreased demand due to the end of Lent.
12) Fluke/Flounder-New Jersey will close Sunday April 19 & should reopen May 3rd. Rhode Island & Virginia remain opened & will keep us supplied with Sushi Grade fish.
13) Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claw season will end May 15th, currently availability & pricing is good.
14) Long Line Fish-larger local Swordfish are being offered daily. The quality of our Imported Yellow Fin Tuna has been outstanding. We are seeing more offerings on Albacore Tuna & Mako Shark recently.
15) Crabmeat-we have another Bay Colony container from Indonesia due in tomorrow & are expecting our VIP container from Vietnam the 1st week of May. The fresh domestic & imported markets remain high.


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