Baby Bok Choy with Shrimp and Quail Eggs

Cooking in Sens


Things are ratcheting up.  The cats, dog and I have our reservations and tickets.  The wellness exam for the animals is set for the 20th, within the 10 day limit for departure, suitcases are down from the attic.  Bandit and Jessie are excited but not Quincy who is 8 years old.  He “don’t” like to travel 🙂


My husband and daughter are feeling slightly uneasy.  “What will we eat?”  “Who’s going to cook it?”  I recommended Taco Bell/McDs/take out pizza or something but have agreed to cook down the freezer before I leave 🙂


Spring has finally sprung in chilly Pennsylvania and Quails R Us has lots of quail eggs.  I had about a half pound of shrimp in the freezer and some lovely baby bok choy that I got from the Chinese store in the Italian neighborhood of Scranton.  With these ingredients I knew that something interesting could be done.  So I…

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