Panko Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa

Cooking in Sens


Today I wanted to try a new crab cake recipe and found one I thought I would like; a crispy crab cake, not overloaded with filler and including panko bread crumbs.  Sounded good.


I had a can of hand-picked crab from China in the refrigerator that I found at the Super Duper.  Wegman’s also has canned crab but I haven’t been too impressed with them lately. Wegman’s can be great in the cities but I think that in smaller towns they must stock differently.


I like this canned crab because it looks white, clean and well picked.  Not a lot of claw meat, though.


So what’s my beef with this recipe?  The crab cakes fell apart.  I knew they would fall apart because when I read the recipe I didn’t think there was enough binder.  Of course I could have done something about this by at least adding another egg but…

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